Company Milestones

1996 – Distribution of file system analysis utilities for Windows operating systems, allowing them to analyze unix filesystems.

1998 – Distribution of ILook tools to military and intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom and other EU countries.

1999 – Distribution of ILook to military intelligence and law enforcement agencies worldwide.

2000 – Support of the toolset was begun by the Criminal Investigation Division of IRS in the U.S.

2002 – ILook receives expanded support from other U.S. federal agencies including the FBI and DoD

2003 – Perlustro Develops IXImager, the first forensics certified bootable Linux  imaging system.

2003 – Perlustro enters into 5 year U.S. Government production contract for ILook and IXImager.

2004 – Perlustro builds Apple System Imaging capability in IXImager Version 2, and provides the first, and only, authenticated image file format, which both protects data and provides judicially verifiable self-authenticated imaging in computer forensics.

2004 – Release of ILook Investigator Version 8 computer forensics software and distribution around the world to restricted authorized users in military, intelligence and law enforcement agencies only.

2004 – United States Department of Defense Cybercrime center tests and certifies ILook and IXImager as being fully qualified for computer forensics criminal investigations.

2006 – Perlustro is issued the only NIST certified computer foreniscs imaging solution to achieve a 100% test rating on all forensics functions used by thousands of investigators around the world.  To date, not other tool ever tested has achieved the same standards test ratings.

2006 – MiTRE Corporation conducts testing of top 6 computer forensics commercial tools and ILook simultaneously, and certifies ILook and IXImager for use in intelligence investigations of national security agencies in the United States.

2008 – Perlustro releases commercial eDiscovery tools to data distributors; including acquisition, distribution and SDK development tool packages.