ILookIX was designed to offer simple, user-friendly solutions that produce maximum results. The fundamental design of our primary forensics product is based on the premise that digital examination effectiveness is determined by the most efficient use of the software resources at hand.  Efficiency takes several forms, but must include at the forefront, the protection of work processes, progressively so, through the entire examination process.

ILookIX is created around the first ever real programming environment, and allows its users to process virtually any file or system objects in a “safe” working environment contained within the use of Sql Server 2008.  SQL Server® 2008’s 64 bit multi-core database engine serves as the workhorse behind the scenes in ILookIX.  With no size limit restrictions on its ability to aggregate and store data which is needed to displace RAM requirements of other products, it yields not just capacity to computer forensics, but high valued protective process value as well.

ILookIX is comprised of components from several of Perlustro’s partners. Those components create a unified, functional and cohesive unit aimed at quickly reducing the workflow of incoming digital data examinations. By eliminating the burden of analysis that belongs to files of no consequence, it allows the focus to be shifted to responsive data, the primary focus of any investigation using these types of tools.

The ILookIX software is licensed as SaaS software. SaaS (Software as a Service) is not new to the field of computer forensics, but has become an increasingly popular method of software delivery known for lowering customer acquisition costs and facilitating developer support. It is only through the SaaS model that pricing for the capabilities of these tools is affordable to the average user.

ILookIX may be purchased for a term of use (365 days minimum), or for longer periods at a discount. The licensing of all sub-components is also tied to the SaaS term. During the term there is no further cost for any product parts and there is no annualized maintenance fees for outbound years of use. If you continue to use ILookIX in the future, the price remains the same base price for no less than 3 years and likely many more. Through this model, Perlustro has secured fixed costs through long-range partnership contracts.

Perlustro has worked hard to anticipate potential annualized cost increases and the company has planned the pricing schedules accordingly. Increased sales of the tools will enable greater supplier discounts and guarantee that the costs will not escalate.  Should any providers deviate from this plan for any reason, we have designed into the tools the ability to replace those components with others of our own making in order to maintain a mission of cost containment.

Other components such as Passware components (not just the Enterprise Kit), as well as sub-components from Oracle and other third party vendors, are all actively upgraded and will continue to be current version tools actively upgraded during your term of use.

To more fully understand our approach, it is important to note the history of bug fixes and alterations of ILook since we do have a long history of deployment. Within that framework, we have provided the bug fix time-lines achieved during the past 6 years of ILook and IXImager development.

  • Longest time to fix any bug (ILook) – 13 days (1 bug in 6 years).
  • Average time to fix any bug (ILook) – 48 hours.
  • Longest time to fix any bug (IXImager) – 4 days (2 bugs)
  • Average time to fix any bug (IXImager)- 24 hours.

Historically, the bug fixes to the product base were not released by a single fix as a patch to the products, except to our primary customer, the U.S. Treasury. Instead, they were incremented into rollup fixes, which usually occurred every 8 weeks on average and after testing through the support of the Treasury Agents who were Perlustro’s primary customers.

The SaaS software model conforms to the “patch now” philosophy, where bug patches are cumulative, but exist as hotfixes as well. All upgrades and updates to any of the Perlustro products will be released the minute they have passed regression testing to ensure they do not cause other issues and are compatible with the future, as well as the history, of the tools.

The development of ILook allows the newly designed ILookIX to achieve 100% backward compatibility to the image files produced by IXImager and ILook itself. It also allows for the assimilation of user-created, ILook Version 8 hash sets by import.

ILookIX is formed around the built in .NET environment of function isolation for regression testing processes. This allows for the engineering to more quickly define impact testing of either bugs or enhancements or capability changes of partners.  This allows the changes to be passed on with more managed code assurance than you could possibly achieve in non-managed code development.

This is also the same design philosophy used in the IXImager Version 3, where the product’s constituent pieces are modularized to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that any change or bug fix will not have spillover effects on other functions. This new design is a fundamental shift in the performance and efficiency of the Perlustro Linux Kernel compilations.