Our Partners

Perlustro has acquired several international partnerships with which we work to produce the tools in our software lines. These partnerships lend intrinsic value to our products by helping to provide accurate results with maximum precision in an uncommon field of few competitors.

In today’s world of computer forensics it is normal to encounter bad or malformed data. Seriously malformed data storage occurs in at least 1 out of 12-20 cases. Possibly the most important issue facing digital forensics examinations today is the handling of file and operating system anomalies, or malformed data, most commonly, caused by mechanical failures or physical damage.

Fortunately, Perlustro’s premier hardware partner leads the field in the science of hardware data recovery – CPRTools. CPRTools’ new PSICloneTM data recovery hardware system provides the ability to retrieve data from corrupted or damaged devices more effectively than any solution currently available to a forensics investigator outside of a lab environment. The combination of PSICloneTM and ILookIX provides clients with the premier tools and solutions not currently available,much less integrated,  in any single hardware or software form.

As a Microsoft® Gold Certified Partner, Perlustro is able to provide the software base capability of SQL Server® 2008, providing value and unparalleled development potential to the entire forensics software product base. SQL Server® has particular characteristics which make it the most competent and fully qualified database engine to run as a data store for forensics investigations. It is the premier application solution of Microsoft® Corporation and is expressly designed, unlike any other database engine solution, to work within a windows environment. At the core of SQL Server® development is .NET, which is also the core build environment of ILookIX in addition to all of Perlustro’s Windows tools.