ILook v8 & Thank You!

Sent: 30 May 2008 14:48
To: Elliot Spencer
Subject: ILook v8 & Thank You!

Hello Mr. Spencer,

I recently received word of the ending of the ILook v8 program and your involvement. I started a forensic computer investigation unit with our police department approximately 1 1/2 year ago when I heard of your program. I am with a very small department with little or no budget money. Thanks to you and your work, this dream came true. This was a new area in Law Enforcement we never thought our small department would ever consider getting in too. Thanks to you and the free training we began this new journey. We began taking on cases that we would have never even thought of taking on. My colleague and I worked very hard putting together this unit, purchasing equipment with our own money and many hours donated by us to make this work so we could sell this idea we had to our Chief. I just wanted to let you know, it worked – above and beyond our expectations! Thanks to you!

We have worked on cases that took us around the world right from our office here inĀ  Wisconsin. We worked on cases and solved, such as, a million dollar arson, many sexual assaults of children, child porn, busted a huge forgery ring that traveled around our state, gathered intelligence on a Asian gang which involved a drive by shooting in another city, on and on with just about every area in criminal activity that you can think of. We have yet to have work on a case where a computer was seized, where we didn’t find something to help a case. We have received so much recognition from the cases we worked on that other departments have been bringing work to us to assist them on cases. Because of you, we have a 100% success rate on every case we worked on. I still find this hard to believe myself. Thanks to you!

Just to give you a little background on how the system works in Wisconsin I felt it important to tell you that when we use to get a case, we had to send a computer or laptop to the state crime lab and wait up to 2 years for them to look at it. We can now start on a case the day we get it and have it finished in approximately 1 week or less. That is just unreal! My colleagueand I have received m any thank you’s from Chief’s, Sheriff’s, Detectives and Investigators from many other departments because of the work we have done for them. We never charged a penny to another agency for the time we had into a case for them. Our department has a new young Chief that believes in new technology and sharing our resources to assist other departments in areas that can help them at no cost. Thanks to You!

My partner and I did not get into this area to benefit ourselves in any way. We did not get a raise in pay or a promotion for the work we were doing. We never asked or expected one! We know our small department just can’t afford it. This was all done to make this a better world to live in. That’s it! We have great concerns on what may happen in the future with what may happen with this unit because of what happened with your funding. I totally do understand why you did what you had to do. We too, have the same problems with funding and it’s only appears to be getting worse. This letter to you is not to complain, but meant to thank you for what you have done for us in Law Enforcement in the past. I, 100% understand your situation and am very greatfull for opportunity you have given us with the program while it lasted. The ending of this was my worst fear and it happened. For now, we will continue to hold our breath each time our license will come up for renewal to see what will happen. I’m really concerned for our future in this area because of financial situation. I’m sure were not alone. Thank you for what you gave us to this date!

I have 2 years left before my retirement. My colleague is young and has many years to go. I was making plans to stay on part-time to keep up my police certification to continue our work in this area and keep up my license with the ILook program. My colleague is new to the computer world and I have been training her with my knowledge to keep this going for years to come. She has only been in Law Enforcement for 2 years and made Officer of The Year for her dedication she put into this. Thanks to you!

I have never met you personally but can only picture you as a very caring person that is also looking and using your knowledge to make this a better world to live in. It’s good people like you that makes my time in Law Enforcement with while. If your interested, this is our City website and you can take a look at who we are. Thank You again Mr. Spencer for everything you did for our Community!