Introducing the next generation of forensic application tools.  ILooKIX provides the first ever, fully-programmable IDE environment with customizable tool capabilities  that fit the goals of any client, regardless of forensic expertise.  Developed around the capabilities of Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and featuring a full NET language interface, ILooKIX allows unparalleled access to all user data,  from raw images, devices, to file system analysis.  Working digital forensics YOUR way, has no equal.

ILookIX Screen Shot

ilooKIX - the ONLY forensics tool with

  • Virus/Trojan search and identification
  • Virtual Machine creation on the fly, of devices and Images
  • An operating system and file system salvage engine
  • Advanced MS Outlook email recovery
  • Support for 13 archive file formats
  • IVault data store preparation and production


Expert Computer Forensic Analysis:
Specialized techniques for data recovery, evidence authentication and analysis of electronic data far exceeding normal data collection and preservation techniques.

Electronic Evidence and Data Recovery:
Recovery, restoration and protection of electronic data for use in legal proceedings, regulatory matters and private investigations.

Microsoft Outlook PST File Recovery:
Unsurpassed strategic data recovery solutions for damaged, corrupted or maliciously destroyed Microsoft Outlook PST Files.