Breaking Forensics News

Perlustro, the first LEO Forensics Toolset, will soon be bringing to computer forensics several never before analyzed windows product artifacts. Advanced engineering concepts such as the first introduction in forensics of Apple HFS+ file system interrogation and Unicode searching, are the leading edge solution issues demanded by todays forensics professionals.

The first ever ability to recover both existing and fully deleted Exchange Server Email stores encompasses both live Email accounts, as well as Dormant accounts, that still reside at the forensics level in the file system. This engineering is not limited by Exchange Server admin settings or parameters used to configure Exchange Server systems. It includes both Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2005.

The first ever ability to recover Windows EDB search databases in various encryption formats from Vista and above Windows systems will also soon be introduced. The amount of information recovered is literally staggering in comparison to other file system artifacts. This data store alone is more singularly important than any other user related data store on most systems. While it can be impacted by a user, it is seldom found to be the case that Windows Search is not in use. Process information is included, as are on hand email indices, user profile information, and long destroyed and overwritten file information. All have a striking presence in the default settings of Windows EDB, as seen through advanced ILookIX processing.