CPR Tools and Perlustro Enter Strategic, Forensic Level Data Recovery Alliance

Perlustro Partners with CPR Tools’ PSIClone™ to create an unequaled Imaging Recovery Hardware Platform for Use with ILookIX™ and IXimager™

LaBelle, FL – 1 February, 2009: Perlustro, the leader in Law Enforcement Computer Forensics Tools including ILook and the NIST Certified ILook IXimager, has selected CPR Tools’ PSIClone™ as their direct attached hardware platform for recovering data and files from both corrupted devices and systems, as well as for detailed forensics analysis. The process also includes the creation of images from both functional and failing devices. PSIClone™ was the only tool that exists with its extensive error handling capabilities in addition to major innovations which uniquely allow data retrieval from seriously damaged electronic storage.  Processes which go far beyond the capabilities of software systems alone. CPR Tools perfected this process through research and practical application engineering perfected over decades in the data recovery industry.

By combining the hardware error handling capabilities of PSIClone™ with the extensive Forensic feature set of ILook and ILook IXimager, data recovery technicians and forensics experts now have complete one stop solution which has no equal.  According to John Benkert, Director of Research and Development at CPR Tools, “It truly is a natural and exciting alliance. These products work perfectly together and provide a complete data recovery solution using fast and effective hardware (PSIClone™) and the industry standard for forensic recovery software (ILook™).”

About Perlustro

Perlustro, L.P. is a worldwide trusted provider of forensics software to Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement agencies. Since 1999 until now, Perlustro has provided its suite of computer forensics software exclusively to these agencies. In partnership with CPR Tools, the Company will now begin offering versions of its toolset for use by the commercial sector.  Perlustro’s current forensics suite consists of ILook and IXimager, which are widely considered the most advanced tools for forensic imaging and analysis. Perlustro’s tools are currently used by thousands of government users in all 50 U.S. States, in more than 60 countries and by more than 90 U.S. federal agencies for investigations involving terrorism, white collar crimes, child pornography and many other crimes. http://www.perlustro.com

Elliot Spencer, President of Perlustro stated that the demand for data recovery was now so great that forensics professionals alone could not meet the emerging commercial demand of end users to recover important business and personal information. Even when backups are regularly scheduled, hardware failures and software corruption can lead to the loss of important business-critical data in particular irreplaceable accounting records. The loss of such data could be devastating to businesses of all sizes. Thanks to the new alliance between Perlustro and CPR Tools, a solid platform for recovering from this type of loss is now available. Perlustro and CPR Tools have decades of experience in dealing with failing storage devices, devices with intransigent mechanical errors and corrupted digital data recovery.

About CPR Tools

CPR Tools, Inc. has been at the forefront of the data recovery industry for over two decades. In that time, the company has developed many of the methods and techniques used by recovery engineers all over the world. In addition to providing data recovery services to public and private sector markets, CPR Tools has trained many recovery technicians in the field. The launch of the CPR Tools’ retail product line was a natural progression for the firm. PSIClone™ is the flagship data imaging and cloning device in a robust line of products which include aids to hardware based recoveries, designed by recovery engineers for recovery engineers. The Company’s data security products are led by the Hammer™ family of data eradication devices. Built for PATA/SATA and SCSI drives, Hammer™ eliminates data in full compliance with NIST 800-88 guidelines.

Data recovery professionals all over the world have increased productivity and profitability through the use of CPR Tools’ complete line of head combs, used as an aid in hardware based data recovery efforts.

The development of must-have tools for data recovery professionals is key to CPR Tools’ product line, but home users benefit greatly from data security products like Hammer™ and BangDisk32™.


Both companies know from their own long experiences that the failure rate of storage devices increases every day, and with increased storage capacity growth, the likelihood of data corruption increases proportionally. For the first time the public has a solution which provides both an economical and scientific solution to recovering from data loss, regardless of the underlying software or hardware cause.  While some destruction cannot be overcome, in the majority of cases, these combined tools establish a new threshold in data recovery.