ILook Computer Forensic Software Enhanced with Image-Detection Capability

Faster, More Accurate Automated Detection of illicit Images Gives Investigators Advanced Analytics for Electronic Exams

EDMOND, OK and MEDIA, PA (December 1, 2008) – Perlustro L.P., a worldwide trusted provider of digital forensics software, today announced they have added digital image detection capabilities to their ILook suite of forensics and e-discovery solutions. This will automate the processes of locating and identifying objectionable content stored on computers, while empowering commercial and government forensic professionals to conduct electronic exams more quickly, economically and efficiently. The image detection engine embedded in ILook and related tools, was developed by Guardware LTD, an award-winning global provider of productivity, security and pornography protection software solutions.

For over 10 years, ILook has been the software of choice for forensics professionals in domestic and international intelligence, military, and law enforcement agencies. Leveraging this cutting-edge technology, ILook now offers the industry a comprehensive set of tools that automate forensics tasks, significantly lowers exam-related costs, increases accuracy, and delivers an integrated solution of all findings.

“We are committed to incorporating the latest and most innovative technology into all our solutions,” commented Elliot Spencer, President of Perlustro. “This powerful image detection engine will speed the discovery processes for cases involving human form detection in any venue, from illegal image possession to terrorism. These tools give forensic professionals and others in the Ediscovery business the ability to identify far more subject data than any other process. The functionality provides a clear mitigation of the investigative challenges, both psychologically and forensically facing users. The capability of Guardware tools is also integrated into a new Graphic Salvage processing algorithm, one unlike any others in existence, which can uniquely find subject data using totally automated methods.”

“We are delighted to provide Perlustro with powerful image-detection engine to enhance their forensic imaging and analysis solutions,” stated Ian McKinley, President and CEO of Guardware. “By leveraging technology to identify, isolate and report potentially illicit digital images, forensic professionals around the world can more quickly and cost-effectively deliver formative case results.”

About Perlustro

Perlustro, L.P. is a highly trusted provider of forensics software to Intelligence, Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world. Since 1999, Perlustro has provided its line of computer forensics software exclusively to these agencies. The Company will begin offering commercial versions of its toolset publicly, in addition to the historical customer base, later this year. The Company’s current forensics suite consists of ILook and IXimager, which are widely considered the most advanced tools for forensic imaging and analysis that exist. Perlustro’s tools are currently used by thousands of government users in all 50 U.S. States, in more than 60 countries and by more than 90 U.S. federal agencies for investigations involving terrorism, white collar crimes, child pornography and many others.

About Guardware

Guardware LLC is a software solution provider committed to developing and marketing innovative personal computer applications that improve productivity and security. Guardware’s products have received numerous awards as well as strong press reviews from technology publications like PC Magazine and Network World. The company offers a full suite of pornography protection systems that monitor, identify, block and deter the display of pornography on personal computers in homes, schools, businesses and other organizations.