Oracle Viewing Technology incorporated into Perlustro Tools sets, both Forensics and Ediscovery

New ILook Tool Suite Will Provide Forensic Professionals With The Ability To View, Navigate and Extract More Than 400 Native File Formats

Edmond, OK -February 1, 2009 – Perlustro L.P., an Oracle partner, today announced that its next generation suite of e-discovery tools will include Oracle Outside In Technology that provides forensic professionals with the ability to access, transform and control files in over 400 native file formats without requiring the applications to be installed by the user.

By incorporating the Oracle Outside In tool, Perlustro customers will have the ability to extract data from e-discovery systems and present it in usable form. This will give forensics professionals maximum flexibility to search and extract data within the ILook tool suite. Perlustro’s new tool suite will be launched later this summer to government and commercial forensic professionals.

“Our customers told us that their forensic work required the ability to search and extract data from unstructured file formats and the next generation of Perlustro’s tools will do just that,” said Perlustro Managing Partner, Elliot Spencer, who served as the head of forensics at the British Government Serious Fraud Office until June 2006. “The addition of Oracle Outside In Technology – along with the incorporation of Microsoft SQL Server, which provides secure, fast and efficient analysis for almost limitless volumes of information – will result in an infinitely better forensic tool than anything currently available to either government or commercial forensic professionals.”

Perlustro’s tools have been in use for more than 10 years by government, military and law enforcement officials all over the world. The new product line will also include tools to meet E-discovery and other digital investigative needs at a more economical and effective level than those currently available in the marketplace. [Quote from Oracle. “We’re pleased to be part of Perlustro’s groundbreaking forensic tool suite,” said (name/title). “Oracle Outside In Technology is crucial for any software developer that needs to transform unstructured files into controllable information.”

About Perlustro L.P.

Perlustro, L.P. is the trusted provider of forensic software to governments, military and law enforcement agencies around the world. The company’s current forensic suite consists of ILook and IXimager, which are widely considered the most innovative tools for forensic imaging and analysis. These tools are currently used by tens of thousands of end users in more than 60 countries for investigations involving terrorism, white collar crimes, child pornography and many other crimes.