Volume Discounts

Information on volume discounts requires direct communication with Perlustro and must relate to volume of more than 10 units of either ILookIX or Options specifically by group or in total.   Individual option discounts are less than multiple option discounts.

Several factors affect the discount policies and, generally, discounts are only available for options added to the base products.  The discounts on options are based on the numbers of units purchased, with price discounts more heavily weighed to the higher number of users, since the options are in 1 to 1 ratio to ILookIX licenses. For example: a purchase of 50 ILookIX licenses may only result in a single option purchase for 10 of those licenses in each of the option categories.  In those cases, the options discount would be the same discount as a purchase of 10 ILookIX licenses with 10 options included.

The central reason the product cannot be discounted otherwise is the prices were not built to include discounts since resale and direct marketing are not part of the Perlustro business model – nor will they be.

The government or national agency prices will include a built in discount over the commercial pricing commensurate with Government required discount levels of COTS software. The same discount policy will be accepted for any non USA government agency where the discount price policy is no more than 10% of gross over commercial pricing. In the current pricing formula, government agency purchases are discounted 7% or greater over the commercial pricing level and will not be further discounted without a volume purchase otherwise.

Pricing discounts for the core ILookIX tool set, but which include at least one option, are structured around the following unit steps:

25 units, 50 units, more than 100 units