SQL Server Temp DB Tuning

SQL Server Temp DB Tuning In ILooKIX, but not necessarily in any other Sqlserver application base, it will increase efficiency of the Database engine to create multiple Tempdb files for Sqlserver to use, based on multicore computer systems. Think of tempdb just as that, temporary working space but only for sqlserver. By default ONE will […]

Court Validation and User Certification

For over 10 years, ILook has been utilized in numerous jurisdictions and judicial proceedings. As the standard tool for IRS Criminal Investigation for over 6 years, the toolset has more capabilities in large white color crime cases than all other tools combined.

ILook v8 & Thank You!

This was a new area in Law Enforcement we never thought our small department would ever consider getting in too. Thanks to you and the free training we began this new journey.