Agencies who are considering more than 10 unit purchases may qualify for a single demonstration version of the standalone tools, ILookIX and IVault, as well as some of the eDiscovery tools, where appropriate. These products will not be demo “versions” but full installations, and prerequisites will have to be installed prior to the Perlustro product installations.

Prior ILook licensed user groups of more than 10 qualifying individuals will automatically be considered in this regard.  The SaaS term of use will be for 29 days, instead of the default 365 days of use since there will be no purchase, only a contractual agreement. The demonstration-licensed products will only be issued one time for one agency’s consideration. No output from the production of the tools can be published without Perlustro’s permission and no version of SQL Server 14 can be used in the demo version other than the version of Server 14 installation available from Microsoft, in either the Full or Express form.

If you are interested in securing a license for such purposes, and have successfully installed the prerequisites required (all free from Microsoft) please contact