Installation Overview

Before buying ILooKIX, we strongly request that you follow Section 1 below to insure you can efficiently install ILooKIX on your system.

All major Sql Install problems center around a computer system either not enabled for computer forensics or not system conditioned so that SQL Server will install correctly. Without SQL Server (all downloads are free to install), ILooKIX will not install successfully.   It is fully dependent on the pre-install requirements.

The following guides will reach the goal of a successful first attempt installation, if, but only if, they are followed in the detailed order as provided.

Installing ILooKIX will take less than one minute at the end of this process.

  1. Pre-Installation
    1. Pre-Install Setup Guide
    2. Pre-install Setup Guide – Windows 7
      1. Permissions To be SET prior to SQL Server Installations
      2. Elevate Current User to SQL Server Admin
      3. Adding Debug Permissions To User
      4. Disable DEP and Enable PAE
      5. Windows Defender Removal in XP and Vista
  2. Post-Installation
    1. Post ILooKIX Install – Mandatory Setup Changes
  3. Performance Enhancement
    1. Changes To Impact Performance
    2. Summary Issues which may need general forensics Attention
  4. IVault Installation and Usage
    1. 32/64 bit IVault driver installation
  5. Problems and Resolutions
    1. SQLServer connection error – detached database