32/64 bit IVault driver installation


After a successful installation of IVault, a single device driver must be installed via the START menu application base as you see here:ivault-driver-1

By clicking on the IVault Protected Driver Install menu item, the installer will present a screen showing the current status of the device driver. If this is the first time you are running the installer, the green checkmarks below will show as red X’s. Once the install button is clicked, and a the device driver has successfully loaded,  the screen will display as follows:


Cold boot the System at this point.

If IVault has not previously been used on this computer, it will display an activation screen the first time it is run. This screen is for collecting Site and MID codes to send to Perlustro by email, or through your Perlustro Web account.

After receiving your activation key code from Perlustro, you will need to paste it into the activation screen. If IVault is closed, re-open IVault to show the activation screen again. Then press the continue button and IVault will present you with a disk drive letter selection menu.

You must now make a selection of a PERMANENT drive letter assignment for IVault. Pick a drive letter which is never otherwise used. This drive letter will be unavailable to a user on the machine after this selection. V is a typically choosen letter seldom used by other applications.

Moving/Removing IVault

If later on, you wish to remove the installation of IVault or move it to another computer, hold down the shift key while starting IVault and it will display a screen for the removal of IVault or a reenroll of the license. If you wish to move the install to another computer, simply input your ORIGINAL license key code, and then click the removal button which will provide the removal key code as in the following screen. Copy this code and email it to Perlustro for a new signing key to be returned.



IVault’s protected area drivers are not correctly installed. Please re-install the drivers and try again

If when starting IVault, you get this screen, then you did not COLD boot the machine after the driver install or you did not correctly initiate the driver installation. Just run the above noted installer again, make sure the checkboxes are green by clicking the “Install” button, then cold boot the machine and pick a drive letter to assign to the protected storage area.