Permissions To be SET prior to SQL Server Installations


Permissions are the single most critical failure point in installations on Vista and can often lead to failures in XP where the USER is not fully aware of permission problems relating to MS Installers. The USER who is now installing SQL Server Express or ILOOKIX08, MUST (it is not optional) apply effective Admin permissions to the USERS folder (C:\Users or C:\Documents and Settings) for the logged on user as a MINIMUM condition to install ILookIX.

Preferably, FULL CONTROL permissions should be applied to the entire root of the Boot Device (C:\). The reason for this is that the installation of SQL Server and further use of that drive by the ILookIX user, require that writes be allowed to locations which would be potentially blocked by permissions. Permissions may be reset to other root location folders after the installations noted herein.

We will not belabor Permission issues for Forensic professionals and these screens should be familiar. They do show the increasing application of permission levels to a new user named “ilookuser” who is both in the Administrative group, but who independently, has been granted full control permission to the folders and created child objects.