Training at NW3C


Perlustro has partnered for the long term with NW3C to deliver training and certifications related to Perlustro products such as ILookIX and ISeek. The NW3C team has vast experience in training on a wide range of topics relating to digital evidence which has been delivered to law enforcement, government and corporate investigators all over the world for over a decade. NW3C’s training team is comprised of experts who actively practice and contribute to the fields in which they instruct and hold many top certifications in digital forensics and information security. They teach every day of the year in at least one of the forensics disciplines they offer and their experience has made them the standard in high quality education for digital forensics issues.

The first classes for ILookIX began August of 2013 within the United States. All of NW3C’s training courses are fully mobile in order to bring training to your agency or company anywhere in the world.

ILookIX, IVault, and ISeek training will follow the same philosophy as other NW3C courses. Realizing that every participant is not the same and has different levels of experience, NW3C instructors take the time to learn about each participant and customize each class based on the class’s experience level as a whole. A teamwork approach is used for training and no participant is ever left behind. Once the participants are comfortable with the tools and hardware, they get to utilize them in a way that mimics real cases they might encounter during the course of their work. A practical skills assessment is given at the end of the course to measure what was learned during the lessons. After successful completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of competency.

More information about the ILookIX training course can be found at:

For more specific information, contact NW3C directly by phone or email:

Phone(804) 273-NW3C
(800) 221-4424

The cost for the ILookIX course is $2000 per student, for 4.5 days of hands-on instruction.

IlookIX classes currently scheduled are listed at: