E-Discovery Acquisition

Perlustro produces many different products that are used in the EDRM process.  They are used to acquire and manage Judicial E-Discovery processes from collection to review.

Soon, specific versions of these products tailored separately to both Civil and Criminal Digital Forensics investigations will be available.

ISeekImager, currently in release for the ILooKIX toolset, is only one of a group of discovery tools which has no equivalent application anywhere in the E-discovery process.   ISeekImager is not the only tool created for this purpose by Perlusto, but it does call into question the necessity of  conducting  detailed forensics for civil processes.  Especially given the current statutes in the USA.  ISeekImager allows any person or group to make low level forensics quality images on running windows computers and transfer the data directly into the discovery chain of distribution without further human effort.

Reduction of Review process time and near de-duplication energy is saved on the front end of discovery, not the after effect of an expensive culling process.

If you have questions on these products, please email Perlustro at ediscovery@perlustro.com.