The world’s first Law Enforcement Analysis toolset, ILooKIX, redefines the future of computer forensic investigations. ILooKIX is unparalleled in its feature sets, depth of analysis, ease of use and tool integration of participating partners, empowering any end user to conduct an investigation or report findings. Learn more.


The first ever review tool that provides cross-communication between forensics data review users, or third party data reviewers, and the forensics experts that supply them. It is the only tool that provides review and communication but does not require direct network connectivity. Learn more.


IXimager is the world’s smallest and fastest-booting forensics image and analysis system in a microkernel package, which runs from thumbdrives, CDROM, flash media or serves as the entire operating system for other processes. Learn more.


Introducing ISeekImager, the world’s first real time imaging system. ISeekImager is the only software of its type that makes physical or logical device images in a forensics certifiable form, protecting all parties in the forensics process, without requiring software installation or admin permissions. Learn more.