IXImager v3


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IXImager stands alone in the field of computer forensics imaging products.  It stands in that position for a very simple reason – it has more breadth of use, court validation, standards validation and testing in hostile environments than any other imaging systems that exist.

IX3 can image more systems than any product on the market. It doesn’t require a box full of hardware writeblocks and it doesn’t write to any device unless given the authority to do so by the operator.  Not even cold booted linux software raids can knock a dent in it.  It has the capability to boot 15 year old Apple PPC machines to the 8 cores of G5’s running Intel chips. It avoids the normal necessity to do physical removals from laptops and there is no necessity to do target firewire mode on Apples.

The user can image an Apple Mac Airbook in exactly the same way, even though it has only a USB port, by simply using IX to boot the machine through an attached USB CD-ROM.

IXImager is produced by ILooKIX in three forms – USB stick, CD-ROM, and a 3.5 floppy version, which while seemingly outdated, is used in unique cases every day where it is the only solution that will work.

The newly-expanded capabilities include not only the simple things like direct support – unique to this tool –  of Kernel level NTFS read write support as well as HFS+, but also the ability to transform images into other formats, to span any types of devices, to conduct multiple operations at one time in different threads and to convey to both the output image files and the user, the full status of what is happening the entire time it is happening in a totally secure output form that is 100% tamper proof.

This was the first software Linux imaging system with the ability to remove and replace, during the imaging process, both DCO and HPA areas.

Bad Sector handling :  the only thing you can say about it is there is NO tool that equals the bad sector handling of this one tool.   Hence, in the presence of bad sectors, this happens to be the only tool there is to make a valid image as a bootable software solution.

This tool was designed to work not in a pristine laboratory environment, but in unique difficult data recovery environments in software, much like the new CPRTools Psiclone does in hardware.   It brings simplicity and ease-of-use to an entire forensics science of data acquistion, investigation and analysis.

Finally……… the quest to find one tool that does it all………….is over.