The first ever review tool that provides cross-communication between forensics data review users, or third party data reviewers, and the forensics experts that supply them. It is the only tool that provides review and communication but does not require direct network connectivity.

Unlike any tools in the forensics arena, IVault allows a fail-safe reviewing process of contaminated data, illegal images, or any data in any form to be reviewed, without contaminating the end reviewer’s machine, or otherwise affecting the system in which the review takes place.

IVault provides:

  • Easy data review for a non-technical audience
  • An Easy-to-use interface
  • Two built-in fast and thorough search engines
  • Built-in file viewers for hundreds of file types
  • Built-in e-mail searching and viewing
  • Multiple categorization features
  • Crumbs feature, recording the data that has been reviewed already
  • Tagging of objects for reporting purposes
  • Built-in Adobe format report
  • Handling of ILooKIX and ISeek format IVault stores