IXImager is the world’s smallest and fastest-booting forensics image and analysis system in a microkernel package, which runs from thumb drives, CD-ROM, flash media or serves as the entire operating system for other processes.

This revolutionary product captures and authenticates computer system data by physically booting the device and reconstructing the Filesystem and RAID block storage systems on any Windows or Linux system and most other hardware devices.

Over 95% of the computers and media made can be booted and imaged with this one tool, regardless of bus type or manufacturer, and without regards to the operating system.

IXImager was developed from the ground up to perform only the forensics tasks for which it was designed. The entire integrated system of IXImager, as well as the microkernel source code it consists of, are 100% engineered Perlustro products.

Certified by NIST as THE STANDARD among all other tools

  • Only forensic imaging tool in existence that exceeds NIST Test Criteria
  • Only forensic imaging tool in existence that made 100% on the NIST CFTT Certification Tests, the most stringent test existing at any Federal Level
  • Only forensic imaging tool used by NIST to test over 20 (all to date) write block devices, establishing itself as the NIST standard.
  • Only forensic tool in existence that does NOT require a physical writeblock device for forensics imaging

The only non-Windows tool in existence to have 100% full kernel mode NTFS write support

The only tool in existence to identify AND image hidden drive areas

  • Able to image all accessible disk sectors when Host Protected Areas (HPA) are present (when accessing drives directly via IDE and/or SATA)
  • Able to image all accessible disk sectors when Device Configuration Overlays (DCO) are present (when accessing drives directly via IDE and/or SATA).
  • Automatically access DCO space on a Device-ONLY Tool in existence
  • Automatically access embedded DCO HPA combinations or in combination with each other on a device – ONLY tool in existence

Only tool that exists to correctly process anomalies and media-bad sectors

  • Creates bad sector mapping sub-containers complemented by ILook’s Authentication Standard
  • Authenticated digital evidence container production – only tool in existence to create tamper proof data sets with self-healing design
  • Data corruption is securely accounted for
  • Data tampering is securely documented and recorded
  • Fully encrypted digital evidence container format that is native to a forensics tool
  • High-speed data compression RW in all modes
  • Ability for data to span multiple output devices, different file systems and different media types
  • Only tool to create detailed data acquisition logs
  • Only tool to create an Encrypted Authentication LOG file of all user actions, sealed to prevent tampering

Diverse, no-competition hardware system support

  • Only tool that will boot x86 and x86_64 Macs, including Intel SMP from the same media
  • Only tool that will boot PowerPC Macs
  • Only tool that will boot PowerPC 64 Macs
  • Boots x86 based computers regardless of Mfg.
  • Boots x86_64 including SMP and multisocket systems regardless of mfg.

Diverse and unmatched boot media support

  • Boots from USB thumb drives
  • Boots from CD-ROM
  • Boots from floppy disks
  • Boots from IDE or SATA boot devices
  • System validation tools included within the running OS

Diverse and unmatched storage media support

  • Only product with unlimited Software RAID support in Linux
  • Only product with full hardware RAID support for Windows, Linux and Unix
  • Only forensics product with GPT and direct write support
  • Only product with built-in Full Fiber Channel Support
  • Only product of any type with 100% auto device detection support including RAIDS
  • GUI Linux Imager with full mouse kbd support – ONLY forensics form in existence
  • Only software to test Calibrate IO devices prior to imaging
  • Only tool that can convert among 3 image forms in a single operation mode
  • Only forensics tool that can capture any size block MSD device to an image file
  • Native Firewire (ieee1394) support
  • Native ATAPI
  • Native IDE
  • Native SATA
  • Native eSATA
  • Native USB mass storage
  • Native USB non-mass storage devices
  • Native SAS support
  • Full ext2 and ext3 read and write support
  • Full FAT32 read and write support
  • Can partition and format media in any Filesystem form
  • Can zero/erase fill media faster than any other software tool
  • Can preview device/media data
  • Can execute hashes of devices and imageĀ files and verify their data payload separately from imaging processes
  • Over 50 Federal users, have over 5,000 terabytes of digital evidence that has been seized using the imager’s ASB proprietary format.
  • Full HFS+RW support
  • Full ISCI support
  • Output media size is fully user determinant
  • Only tool in existence that will create restores to Virtual Disk form in native formats without