ILooKIX and PSIClone

PSIClone fullThe retrieval of data from damaged data storage systems, is the one intractable problem most forensics investigators cannot solve.  Neither IXimager nor ILooKIX, has any “magical” ability to lift good data out of a corrupt data storage device where the device itself is damaged or operating under less than normal conditions.  But, an incomparable solution is now available to everyone in this field, the ILooKIX powered PSIClone built by the premier company in this field, CPRTools.  It can retrieve data that no other forensics process can provide, in any environment, or using any other system.

A typical data extraction or problems can become of paramount importance in both government and business environments at any instant.   Statistically, of any group of mass storage devices, as many as 13% may fail prematurely within their designed mechanical life.   This failure can occur even while an investigation is in process, but after the device was originally procured.  In these cases, one generally has no normal recourse to reach a possible solution other than “repair shop” processes.   But the processes involved and the cost factors necessary, will be impacted by loss of physical control over the data as well as a loss of time control.  That fact is unavoidable.


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CPRTools incorporates custom design features into the ILooKIX toolset and the PSIClone in order to bring data recovery to never before available success levels in forensics, by using the PSIClone data recovery system designed for ILooKIX

Additionally, CPRTools and Perlustro can together, engineer specific hardware/software customized solutions where needed, to derive the maximum possible value from unusually difficult situations of data loss and data recovery.

If you have not received the desired quantitative results from your current technology, and would like to pursue a more customized solution, please email for further contact at :

CPRTools or Perlustro