Support Policies

Support is an issue that Perlustro takes very seriously. We understand that in today’s fast-paced world software must work quickly and dependably. We know that when problems arise, you need answers in a hurry. We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive quick, efficient answers and solutions with a reliable and professional response of experts, not caretakers.

Free Support

Free Support is provided to anyone! Whether you have purchased a Perlustro product or are simply evaluating a Perlustro component, we are always glad to help. Our free support is handled through individualized email responses. Rather than having a disconnected support staff, Perlustro wants you to be able to talk directly to the people who build and maintain our products. We believe that is the best way to quickly and accurately get you the answers you need.

Our history has shown that issues in forensics seldom yield solutions to problems by telephone discussions.  We also have no method to economically work across timezone, language barriers, and difficult connectivity issues.   We currently have an FTP server and other means to accept test data and files which indicate bugs or are part of feature requests. These methods serve both the customer and Perlustro by providing an on-hand, traceable method to convey information which could not be conveyed through phone.

Phone Support

Often times we are asked if we provide phone-based support for our components.  Perlustro does not offer phone support for one primary reason: our structure. The Perlustro development teams are located all over the world in many different countries and in many different time zones. Those two issues make it very difficult for us to provide one-on-one phone support. This does not mean, however, we will not call you back to complete the solution cycle.   We will also be more than happy to call you back if you have left user contact information where the problem seems systemic to multiple users or systems issues overall.

We cannot provide one-on-one support for SQL Server use or malfunction beyond the product guidelines of ILookIX and how it is utilized, but some of the largest forums in the world at Microsoft do provide unparalleled around-the-clock assistance in resolving general SQL Server questions.

We also have established a policy of support that can be utilized in a multiple-client customer operation.  In the case of a group of users who purchase 5 or more licenses of ILookIX, we can offer a complete support plan for an additional cost, based on the number of users, customer use of the tools and other factors.  If you would like to contact us about this additional capability, please contact by email with the subject line “Support Options” and we will carry the discussion further.