Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

You may place an order by visiting and selecting the desired products from the Perlustro Online Store. Our Sales group can also be reached via email at

I used ILook for several years until shortly before the end of 2008, but the Check License link says i’m not qualified for the current price, why not?

The current price is for currently active LEO licensees only.

When will the other sales groups be allowed to purchase ILooKIX?

When the first LEO sales group support issues are understood and addressed by Perlustro. The time line is not fully predictable but sales groups may be opened concurrently.

Can I use a database other than MS SQL Server 2008 with ILooKIX?

Not at this time

Can I continue to use ILook V8 after my current license expires?

ILook V8 licensing will discontinue at the end of the users license expiration date.

Will ILooKIX open Ilook V8 or V7 evidence cases or control files?

No, because the form of the application base is changed so dramatically, there is no method to import previous case data into ILooKIX. ILooKIX date requirements are not met by V8 control point data. Images created with IX2, however, can be opened as normal image sets and remapped within ILooKIX. All comparisons of findings we can test provide full validation for the same analysis of the same data in ILooKIX as it was determined in V8.

What types of Images are created by IXImager3?

The same three forms of images created by IX2, IDIF – a compressed image form, IRIF – a rawbit ILookIX centric form with no data segment compression, and IEIF a fully compressed and encrypted Evidence preservation form which protects the entire image envelope.

Will ILooKIX convert images it creates or which IXImager creates, into other alternate image output forms?

Yes, it will create VMDK image sets directly from 5 specific image forms : the three images produced by IXImager, ISeekImager created images, and ILooKIX images.

I am new to ILook and ILooKIX, what is the easiest way to learn to use the products?

The products come with very complete user guides and they include direct context sensitive help for all major functions. Any training in a major commercial forensics product will give a head start to a beginning user of ILooKIX if we presume the basics of computer forensics are known. The functions specific to the tool that require the most new user attention can be categorized generally in these areas : salvage of files or fragments in either freespace or filespace, search result analysis, filtering of object lists through the control interfaces, the use of virtual category assignments as a method of interactively working a case are all different in ILooKIX versus previous ILook Versions.

Will ILooKIX work with an installation of SQL Server I already have on my network?

Possibly, but ONLY if it is SqlServer 2008. ILookIX is integrate into all Svr 2008 versions, but Svr 2008 is unique to the history of Sqlserver and ILookIX does not support the prior versions. During development, Server 2005 was used, but advanced technology available to ILookIX was only available within Svr 2008.

How can I reattach a broken Microsoft SQL Server database

Please see the following PDF for a complete description of the steps involved in this process.
Re-attach a broken database